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Yes Okra XS (90’s)


Product Expiry Date: 01/08/2024

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Yes Okra XS (90’s) 有 2 个评价

  1. Nurul (验证用户)

    Mudah untuk dimakan, kesan dapat dilihat setelah seminggu pengambilan!badan pun terasa ringan dan process pembuangan juga lancar tanpa sakit perut yg melampau

  2. vivianng (验证用户)

    I’ve tried similar products that claim to do the same thing, and have been disappointed by most, if not all of them. I skeptically bought a 30 day supply on a friend’s recommendation. Exactly 4 weeks later, and without changing my diet, I have lost 4 pounds. Unlike other products, I’ve not experienced any side effects with Yes Okra XS either, in fact I experienced less bloating. I would definitely recommend this product, especially now for those who may not be able to leave their homes or go to the gym.


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