Purpose of YesHealth

Our purpose is to deliver value to our customers, invest in our teams, and support our communities in need. To achieve our purpose, we will conduct business with our partners and suppliers in a fair and equitable manner.

Value for Our Customers

We will research, formulate, and offer vitamins and supplements of the right efficacy at affordable prices. Our products are made by local and overseas manufacturers who also make products for other major and established brands. We strive to offer the best prices through our “blue ocean” channels thus eliminating substantial brand building, marketing, and distribution costs that do not benefit the consumers.

Investment in Our Team

Our people in research & development, health advisory, and other support departments are key to delivering value to our customers. To create value, we will constantly invest in new knowledge, skills, and tools for our team. Our team, comprising doctors, pharmacists and nutritionists, collectively has more than 50 years of experience in traditional and complementary medicine, health foods, vitamins, minerals, and supplements.

Support for Our Communities

YesHealth is born out of Yes2Charity. The founder of YesHealth, after having served as CEO of an Australian health supplement company for over a decade, felt that happiness is not about achieving KPIs, milestones and the resultant monetary gains but helping others. Supporting our communities in need should not be an ad-hoc or a one-time gesture. Communities in need should be given consistent and regular support. Thus, YesHealth was established to generate recurring returns, both monetary and non-monetary, to support our communities on a long-term basis.

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