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What We Think

Non-profit organisations or charitable bodies established to help communities in need, such as orphans, homeless senior citizens and people facing physical, mental and social challenges are mostly dependent on monetary and non-monetary support from the public at large.

These establishments, however, often face difficulties obtaining donations to pay for their daily expenses and operation, mainly due to the twin issues of public trust and financial transparency.

Donors often fear that their contributions may not be used for its intended purposes and the communities in need did not actually benefit fully from their contributions.

What We Do

To address the aforementioned twin issues, Yes2Charity—the CSR arm of Yes Health Sdn Bhd—aims to provide information to the public on:

1. The establishment’s purpose, activities, and achievements.
2. All donors (unless anonymity is requested) and their individual contributions.
3. The total contributions received and how they were utilised by the establishment.

A dedicated website will be set up for each establishment, fully funded and managed by Yes2Charity, so that anyone can have access to the above information.

Yes2Charity will also contribute to the establishment in cash and in-kind from the regular activities of Yes Health Sdn Bhd and its annual profits.

All funds and in-kind contributions will be channelled in full directly to the establishment. Donors can also pay directly into the establishment’s bank account. The financial accounts of the establishment shall be available on its website and, if necessary, audited by an independent audit firm.

Establishments wishing to join Yes2Charity must agree to the above to address the twin issues. By doing so, Yes2Charity believes the establishment will be able secure long-term sustainable support from the public.

Yes2Charity shall also work with the establishment and Inland Revenue Department to obtain tax-exemption for a donor’s contributions, where possible.

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